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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald some american hostages escape captivity in algeria plus new reports of others killed in an attack. what we're learning about the terrorist group behind the kidnapping. >> a notre dame linebacker humiliated. how his internet romance was a hoax. >> freezing in parts of the bay area. warmer days ahead we'll talk about that coming up. >> and a stall on the upper deck has traffic slow heading into san francisco already. this is a live look at the bay bridge. we'll have the latest coming up. >> all right, thanks. it's thursday, january 17. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. new developments at 6:01 on that hostage crisis at a natural gas facility in algeria. militants say algerian helicopters opened fire killed 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers. that's not independently
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confirmed. a short time earlier an algerian security official said about 20 hostages including some americans and europeans had escaped. the militants attacked the gas complex and took dozens of hostages yesterday about 800 miles south of algiers. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act. the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage. >> the militants say they are part of an al qaeda affiliate operating in north africa. they say the raid was meant to punish algeria for helping france's military operation against islamic fighters in nearby mali. inspectors are finding hundreds of levees in danger of failing right here in the united states. >> this information comes 7 years after hurricane katrina toppled levees in new orleans and tore up the gulf coast. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in east palo alto
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to tell us how northern california levees could be at risk. >> reporter: what that study found is that major levee repairs are needed across the entire country. hundreds were deemed unacceptable. they haven't said if any are in the bay area but they have found 326 in 37 states covering more than 2,000 miles that are in four conditions putting people and property at risk. this is the federal government's first inventory of the flood control system and happened after hurricane katrina when a levee failed killing more than 1800 people causing $108 billion in damages. the problems found in some of the levees include weaken walls, animal homes, decaying and homes built too close to levees. it's up to local governments to make improvements. they could cost millions. some officials say it's unfair to be told to raise money for
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these repairs and think the study could be exaggerated. in east palo alto, a major levee improvement project starts this summer. back in late december, the san francisquito creek flooded going over the banks of the levee. the neighborhood flooded and caused damage to homes. even though the creek is low this morning, before that long term fix that they were starting to work on this summer, they have put a short- term fix in place. they stacked some sandbags to increase the height of the levee and also put updates around the creek to prevent people from getting anywhere near it just in case the next storm causes any sort of damage. live in east palo alto, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. this morning, almost every boeing 787 dreamliner jet is now grounded until further notice because of safety concerns with the aircraft. air safety authorities in europe, japan and india joined the united states in ordering the grounding and safety reviews of the planes.
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this follows a series of incidents involving the aircraft in recent days. yesterday the federal aviation administration said that 787 should remain grounded until the risk of that lithium battery fire situation is resolved. >> the key is to be able to understand what's going on with these aircraft, get them fixed, and make sure that if it's a design issue, make the appropriate change. >> a polish airline is now the only carrier still using the plane. the only 787 service here in the bay area is all nippon airways new flights between san jose and tokyo. for the time being, ana is finding alternative flight plans for those passengers. a south bay neighborhood is still reeling from an attempted abduction of a young girl from her own front yard. now there's a composite sketch of the suspect. witnesses say the man in his late 20s to early 30s, 5'6" with a medium build smells like motor oil. he tried to grab a 2-year-old girl who was playing in front
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of her home in east san jose tuesday night. neighbors are worried and angry. >> he is really putting his own life on the line because i think that that as a parent i'm telling you i don't know what my response would be but i don't know if i would be kind to that person if i were to caught him in such an act. >> the girl's mother kept the man from taking her daughter. the suspect ran away. there is a big backup at the toll plaza. elizabeth, what's going on? >> a stall, truck actually lost its wheel. it was just cleared out of lanes but look at this. this is what it looks like now up the incline so a lot of people probably rush out before 6:00 to beat the metering lights, beat the big backups. well, unfortunately, you can't beat them this morning. they turned the metering lights on about a half hour earlier than they typically do. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. see what it looks like behind the pay gates. this is really unusual to see this kind of delay this early in the morning. it is already stacking up towards the 880 overcrossing and even beyond. so yeah, you're already looking
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at maybe a 15, possibly up to 20-minute wait to get on the span. it is slow going up the incline. once you get past treasure island, they just cleared the stall out of lanes. we see residual delays for a while throughout the morning commute usually. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. this might be a good alternate. traffic is flowing okay in both directions. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> you know what, it's been cold around the bay area chilly temperatures early on. again some 20s and 30s and freezing in the valleys but you will latest see 40s. we have had a little wind kicking up and that's been enough to bring those temperatures up a little bit and, of course, high pressure has been building in now. and really sending the jet stream well to the north of the bay area. that is going to keep us nice and dry. hazy sunshine into the afternoon. and temperatures will be warming up a few more degrees. outside yesterday we had a lot of 50s a few 60s popping up but today, we are going to move well into the 60s in some parts of the bay area as much as 1 to
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6 degrees warmer outside so probably mid-60s is where we are going to top out in the warmest spots. i think those nice temperatures will continue as we sail in toward the weekend. that's just what we want. >> of course that's what we want. >> then i'm here to deliver. >> thank you. finally. [ laughter ] >> note to self. back on christmas card list. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> nice job, lawrence. it is 6:08 now. new this morning the international olympic committee wants lance armstrong to give back a medal. in a letter sent last night they asked the cyclist to return the bronze medal he won in 2000 at the sydney games because of his involvement in doping. armstrong was stripped of all seven of his tour de france titles last month. a hoax played on one of the nation's top college football players. a bizarre story. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in the newsroom reporting on the bay area connection to this story, as well. >> reporter: a lot of people talking about this, this morning. a supposed relationship began
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after a good morning at stanford in 2009. that's your bay area connection. it became an inspiring story for football fans across the country. now as it unravels, it's a bizarre mystery that has a lot of people wondering, who knew what and when? the notre dame linebacker manti te'o said his grandmother and girlfriend died within hours of each other last september and he would keep playing to honor them. it turns out that girlfriend did not exist. here's a picture of the woman who was supposed to be the woman, 22-year-old lennay kekua. he said they carried on a relationship online for three years. the woman is from torrence and has no connection to him. an athletic director says te'o was a victim. >> there's a lot of tragedy here. there's a lot of sorrow here. but the thing i am most sad of, sad about -- [ pause ] >> sorry. >> so the big question this
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morning, 40s what behind this hoax? the website that started unraveling the tale over the past couple of months says the girlfriend was concocted by a friend of te'o. te'o said, "to realize that i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was an is painful and humiliating." we may hear from him more about this later on today. he graduated and was set to begin preparing for the nfl draft in florida this week. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, cbs 5. president obama has unveiled his plan to curb gun violence but now comes the tricky part the hard part getting congress to go along with that program. the sweeping half billion- dollar plan calls for a ban on military-style assault rifles and expanded background checks on customers for every gun purchased. it would also limit ammunition magazines to a maximum of 10 rounds and impose stiffer penalties for gun trafficking. >> i'm calling on congress to
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pass some very specific proposals right away. if there's even one life that can be saved, then we have an obligation to try. >> the president signed 23 executive orders aimed at reducing gun violence but his key proposals need congressional approval. time now 6:11, all they could think of was the movie jaws. two fishermen encounter a great white. >> the place you live in you got to know what to do, where you are. >> you sure do. from state capitals to small countries you will meet a bay area geography whiz. how a school is helping make the world a little bit smaller.
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lifetime encounter, with a great white shark. the four meter shark nudged a small fishing boat near well, two fishermen have had a frightening but perhaps once in a lifetime encounter with a great white shark. the four-meter shark nudged the boat in victoria. it was there for 40 minutes and then swam away. >> "jaws" is very funny and you think of when it jumps in the boat. >> this shark didn't do that, luckily. both men made it back to shore with no injuries and a remarkable tale. they are gorgeous. >> look at the water. it's placid. that's why i like lakes. >> you don't find sharks in lakes. >> i didn't hear from you way over there at the opposite end of the studio. we are talking traffic right now and especially the bay bridge. it's a problem spot this morning. look at this. this is really unusual to see this kind of delay this early in the morning. they turn on the metering
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lights about a half hour earlier than we typically see them turned on so it is stacking up close to the maze. you're probably looking at maybe 15 minutes to get on the span and all because of a stall that was on the approach to the tunnel right there before treasure island. it was a stalled truck. it lost its wheel. so we can show you what it looks like up the incline section right now. it's a tight squeeze. but well, we just lost this camera. there you go. you can see it is actually moving a little better than 15 minutes ago. all lanes are open but this is going to take a while to see some improvements. so if you are used to kind of getting by quickly this time of the morning, up the bay bridge, that is not the case today. so san mateo, bart might be a good option which bart is now back on time. we were experiencing about 10 possibly 15-minute delays at the bay fair station. that's now been resolved. now, no delay for bart. ace, muni, caltrain and ferries actually all on schedule. so we'll show you a couple of other slow spots out there. westbound 580 is stop and go
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right now from 205 all the way towards the dublin interchange. you can see some of those brake lights especially through livermore as you approach vasco road. westbound highway 4 a little sluggish, as well. look at that speed sensor 9 miles per hour now. once you get past antioch everything looks good through the pittsburg-bay point area so unfortunately, this is just your typical stuff for that commute. all right. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." >> our sister station kcbs reported a fireball over the bay area this morning. did you get a chance to see that? at 5:25 a meteor came screaming over the bay area. reports of a fireball out there this morning. san francisco airport all lit up, yup, for the 49ers colors and looking good this morning under clear skies. no delays to be reported there for today. looking good if you're sailing in or out of san francisco. still, we have some cold temperatures developing around
6:17 am
the bay area again in the valleys. cold in spots. milder temperatures by the afternoon. today has been declared a "spare the air" day by the bay area air quality management. as we head in toward the next couple of days, high pressure building in overhead. it's in control and sticking around sending the jet stream high and dry. this is a typical midseason dry spell that continues around the bay area, looks like not breaking down until late next week and then maybe some rain. you have seen the airport and it should stay clear. hazy sunshine into the afternoon. around the u.s., 59 degrees and sunny in houston. 55 partly cloudy skies in denver, chilly in chicago a few clouds and sunshine, 36 degrees and mostly cloudy in new york at 45. temperatures are running into the 50s and 60s outside. maybe even some mid-60s into toward the south bay. 50s as you head toward the east bay. inside the bay looking like 60 degrees in oakland, 62 in santa rosa and about 60 in petaluma. the next couple of days mid-60s
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in the warmest spots. mild sunshine continuing throughout the weekend and then maybe we start to get back into some wet weather as we look toward the middle of next week but, yes, dan was cruising around looked outside saw a fireball racing across the bay area skies. so what a neat sight. the most spectacular thing he said he ever saw. >> cool. >> we missed it. >> i know. we're stuck indoors. >> thank you. well, we all know california's nickname of course is the golden state but do you know which state is the granite state? >> new hampshire. the one sixth grader in the east bay knows all of them and that's because his school makes learning geography fun. that's what makes cooper elementary school cool. reporter: the principal at cooper elementary says motivation is the key to her students' success. >> if they can find something that they're interested in that they can feel that they can accomplish and they can learn about, then they --you know, that carries them forward. >> reporter: one subject they focus on is geography. it's the only school in vacaville that participates in
6:19 am
the national geographic bee sponsored by google. >> the place you live in, you got to know what to do, where you are, how to do it where you are. just all that. >> reporter: sixth grader alex topp won the school's. -- the school's geography bee and is studying for the test to qualify for the state competition in sacramento. >> this year it was multiple choice. there were 35 questions about states and you had two answers to pick from. >> a lot to learn whether it's spellings or geography. he looks a challenge. he's always looking for a challenge. >> reporter: so i challenged alex to a quick geography quiz. >> the capital of mississippi is jefferson --wait, no, jackson. >> reporter: he got a couple wrong but then found his stride. what is the term for part of an ocean or sea that cuts far into the bordering land mass and may contain one or more bays? >> gulf.
6:20 am
>> reporter: alex also a city spelling bee champ credits cooper elementary for his success. >> they present it in a fun way to where you're not really disliking it. >> amend the school has some other -- and the school has some other really cool programs but alex is busy. today he is in a spelling bee and next week he takes the geography bee test. >> you're tough. >> i know. i was tough. i wasn't going to let him get off easy. >> i need some very difficult questions for this geography student. >> i couldn't answer half of them myself. what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on our website, and we may feature your school right here on our show. we'll be right back.
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defending champions last night... steph curry sat out the game because he sprained his right history at the coliseum as the warriors went for a sweep of the defending champions. steph curry sat out because of a sprained ankle. they could have used him. miami's lebron james became the youngest player to reach the 20,000 point mark. he went off, blew out the warriors 92-75. >> play of the day. we have some college basketball. we have st. mary's at byu. the final seconds last night. watch. >> the winning shot from half court. the gaels beat byu 70-69.
6:25 am
st. mary's' record now 14-4. the player is fired up. >> of course. he should be after that. >> that was awesome. >> especially after they went up and took it right back. >> 6:26. coming up, lance armstrong loses another honor. >> plus, all boeing 787. the dreamliners are grounded. how the decision is impacting some bay area travelers. >> plus, a dead girlfriend, a bizarre hoax and the bay area connection to the football catfish scandal unfolding this morning. we'll hear from the man at the front of it next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it do t have to be an adventure to stick to your new year's budget. because safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a case of arrowhead water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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and ways to connect. rethink possible. by all indications this is a terrorist act. >> american hostages escape in algeria.
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>> the terrorists say the attack is in retaliation for french air strikes against al qaeda-linked fighting in nearby mali. >> if there's even one life that can be saved, then we have an obligation to try. >> president obama says he won't back down on his plan to curb gun violence. >> what i am saying is that banning these firearms is not going to matter. >> a star athlete's story is a hoax. >> this was a very elaborate sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand that had a certain cruelty at its core. >> came in, grabbed the computer, ran out. >> the computer thief caught with a special app. >> to tell this is my computer. >> from across the bay. >> the waves are on their way, giant waves. >> to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado
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good morning. it's thursday, january 17. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31 on this thursday. a dramatic turn of events at the hostage crisis at a natural gas facility in algeria. the militant captors say algerian helicopters opened fire killing 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers. uk and japanese diplomats now confirm algeria made a rescue attempt there but the reported deaths haven't been independently verified just yet. earlier in algeria security officials said 20 hostages including some americans and europeans had escaped. the militants took dozens of people hostage at the facility yesterday deep in the sahara desert. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act. and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter
6:31 am
when americans are taken hostage. >> the militants say they are part of an al qaeda affiliate there. they say the raid was meant to punish algeria's military operation against fighters in mali which borders algeria in west africa. it's been 7 years since hurricane katrina toppled levees in new orleans. inspectors find hundreds of levees in danger of failing in the u.s. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in east palo alto to tell us how northern california levees could be at risk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. engineers have not said if any bay area levees are on the that list but one seemed unacceptable, has problems that are similar to this levee here in east palo alto. it runs along the san francisquito creek. a storm in december left significant damage and left a levee in a weakened state. east palo alto does have plans to widen the creek but that project doesn't get started
6:32 am
until the summer. for now sandbags have been stacked to raise the height of the levee before the next storm. nationwide, inspectors have found 326 levees in need of urgent repair. the u.s. army corps of engineers says problems include design, crumbling infrastructure, building encroachment and failure to control vegetation and animals. some animals were found burrowing in the levee walls. the ones at risk cover 37 states and 2,000 miles and threaten people and property. this inspect came after the hurricane in new orleans. after katrina, california voters approved a $5 billion bond for flood prevention. officials now say that $12 billion more is still needed to finish those improvements. again the study hasn't named any bay area levees but local governments are in charge of
6:33 am
making any levee improvements. those repairs could cost somewhere in the millions. live in east palo alto, elissa harrington, cbs 5. just about all of boeing 787 dreamliner jets are now grounded indefinitely because of safety concerns. air safety authorities in europe, japan and india have joined the u.s. in ordering the grounding and safety review of the planes. this follows a series of mishaps involving the aircraft in recent days. yesterday, the federal aviation administration said the 787s should remain grounded until the risk of battery fires is resolved. for the time being all nippon airways is finding alternate flight plans for passengers between san jose and tokyo. an attempted abduction has a south bay neighborhood on edge and they are looking for that suspect now. now there's a composite sketch of the man. witnesses say the man is hispanic in his late 20s to early 30s. 5'6" with a medium billion- dollar and they say he smelled like motor oil that night. tried to grab a 2-year-old girl
6:34 am
who was playing in her front yard in her east san jose home on tuesday. neighbors are worried and angry. >> really putting his own life on the line because i think that as a parent i don't know what my response would be but i don't know if will be kind to that person if i were to caught him in such an act. >> the girl's mother was able to hold on to her daughter and the suspect ran away. there was a similar case sunday night in milpitas but the sketch shows a different suspect. a woman says the man tried to leave a store at the great mall with her 3-year-old son. she yelled at the suspect. he let the boy go and then took off. the man is described as 50 to 60 years old, 5'6" with a pot- belly. switching gears, 6:35. let's get another check on weather. >> yeah. if you like sunshine, i guess the bay area is the place to be. right? >> yeah. a lot of sunshine around the bay area. it's about all heating us up now and looks like we'll do that starting out a bit chilly again. cold in spots and freezing in some of the valleys.
6:35 am
27 degrees now in santa rosa. 31 in livermore. 30 and freezing in concord. but you have some 50s into san francisco and these temperatures just a little milder than yesterday. now, speaking of mild, by the afternoon high pressure going to bring in plenty of hazy sunshine and it replans in control a very steady strong ridge of high pressure sitting overhead not only for today but right through the weekend looks like this is going to hold. around the south bay today you will see 64 degrees and warmer in morgan hill. about 63 in san jose. hazy sunshine into the east bay most of those temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. and as you slide inside the bay today you will find 60 degrees in oakland. about 57 degrees in san francisco. and about 59 degrees in hayward. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> the bay bridge getting backed up especially commuting down the eastshore freeway. it looks like at least emeryville. but pushing into berkeley now, we are starting to see those backups and it's all because that earlier problem on the upper deck of the bay bridge. there was a stall and they had to turn the metering lights on about a half hour earlier than
6:36 am
typical. definitely give yourself some extra time there. elsewhere, also some black ice record in parts of the north bay. word of an injury crash due to ice on the road 128 near silverado trail. so again, be extra careful this morning. mass transit is off to a nice start, no delay for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. now, the westbound 580 ride is pretty slow going right now from the altamont pass through livermore and towards the dublin interchange. and taking you back outside live we'll show you a few more traffic cameras. this is the nimitz 880 in oakland. not too bad actually past the coliseum. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, lance armstrong's lie versus cost him an olympic medal. in a letter sent last night the international olympic committee asked the signing also to return the bronze medal he won in 2000 in the sydney games because of his involvement in doping. armstrong of course was stripped of all 7 of his tour de france titles last month.
6:37 am
a star athlete with a girlfriend who died of leukemia but now he says he is the victim because it was a hoax. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in our newsroom with this bizarre story and its bay area connection. >> reporter: the story has a lot of people buzzing this morning. a lot of theories going on out there and a lot of questions. this "couple" supposedly met after a game at stanford in 2009. so the big question is, how could a football star a good- looking eligible bachelor fall for a fake girlfriend and how could it continue for three years?! here he is talking about her after he believed she had died of leukemia last fall. >> every letter she sent me, be humble, be gracious and always remember that i love you. >> that's manti te'o a football player for notre dame. he said his girlfriend 22-year- old lennay kekua had an online with him for three years before she supposedly died. well, it turns out she never existed. here's the woman who was believed to be his girlfriend.
6:38 am
the website discovered this woman is really from torrence and has no connection to the football star at all. >> we found the actual alive doesn't have leukemia and has never met manti te'o person that that belongs to but that sort of opened everything up. >> that website deadspin says the story concocted by te'o's long-time friend, when he knew what is a mystery. he said "to realize that i was the victim of apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating." now, that website deadspin says again, the story was concocted by his friend. but a lot of questions about why that would have happened and could te'o himself have somehow been in on this joke? now, notre dame is standing behind him this morning. we are expecting to hear possibly from te'o himself later on today. live in the newsroom, anne
6:39 am
makovec, cbs 5. >> we'll see. a san mateo man is in custody accused of operating an illegal gun store out of his home. the county sheriff department says investigators raided antonio infante's home upon friday. the direct attorney says an assault rifle, high capacity magazines, three pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were removed from the home. now that president obama has revealed his plans to curb gun violence, here comes the tough part, getting congress on board. the president's half billion- dollar plan calls for a ban on military-style assault rifles and expanded background checks on customers for every gun purchase. it would also limit ammunition magazines to a maximum of 10 rounds and impose stiffer penalties for gun trafficking. the president signed 23 executive orders aimed at reducing gun violence. but his key proposals need congressional approval. colorado movie theater where 12 people were killed last year is re-opening for business tonight.
6:40 am
the renamed and remodeled century aurora will hold a ceremony for victims and officials this evening. police say james holmes opened fire on a crowd watching a midnight movie in july of last year. time now 6:41. coming up, elite surfers gear up for mavericks. >> plus, gutted busted dishonorees. the fast food meals with the highest calorie counts in the country coming up. >> the market opened about 10 minutes. let's check the early numbers. so far not bad. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks.
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this sunday! a storm off japan it is the super bowl of surfing and right here in northern california. mavericks is back for the first time in three years. this sunday a storm off japan is generating swells as high as
6:44 am
30 feet near half moon bay. the contest conditions are extreme. strong currents, frigid water and sharp rocks. >> when the water hits the reef it will explode. the challenge is getting down the face of these waves. >> 24 of the most skilled surfers from all around the world have been invited to participate. it starts at 8 a.m. on sunday morning and ends at sunset. conditions should be perfect around noontime according to forecasters. >> cool to watch. >> it's great to watch but it's hard to see right from the coastline because they are so far off from the breakers about a mile off the coast. you need binoculars. a couple of years ago a rogue wave came on and wiped out spectators at the coast. you have to be careful. 30-foot monsters coming in along the coastline.
6:45 am
around the bay area today, we are sailing into a nice afternoon. we'll see plenty of mild sunshine in toward the afternoon hours. hazy "spare the air" all the flu trapped at the surface as that big dome of high pressure sits overhead brings us the great weather outside. but also not much mixing in the atmosphere and any threat of rain staying well to the north. dry and mild. one to six degrees from yesterday's highs. traveling around the state today you will find 50s into the central valley, 49 lake tahoe, 64 monterey bay and 67 in ukiah. around our bay mid-60s into the south bay today. 64 in morgan hill. 64 in campbell. about 62 in mountain view. and 69 degrees in hayward. many 50s showing up into the east bay. a little warmer for today and inside the bay we'll see about 60 degrees in oakland. 62 in santa rosa. and 60 in petaluma. next couple of days, we have more sunshine on the way a little chilly in the mornings but after that looking good
6:46 am
into the afternoon. staying dry through the weekend. probably the first part of next week. big changes latter part of next week, elizabeth. >> enjoy the temperatures this week while we have them. let's go live toward the bay bridge. we are really heating up. unfortunately over at the bay bridge toll plaza still, heating up they turned on the metering lights early because of a stall. the backups are extensive. it is back up well into the macarthur maze, looks like 580 to 24. down the eastshore freeway really stacked up through emeryville approaching powell. and now we are just getting word of a new accident. it's off to the right-hand shoulder but it's on the approach to the metering lights. so let's talk about alternate to the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge doesn't look too bad. eastbound 92 coming off of the high-rise, great. about 14 or 15 minutes is that drive time betwee hayward and foster city. the golden gate bridge -- this is a live look at the south bay. san jose northbound 101 a
6:47 am
little sluggish where we usually see it approaching alum rock. as you head not sure up towards santa clara, a few brake lights across that stretch and now to our other bridges. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. things looking good across the span. we are getting reports of black ice in the far north bay of st. helena and napa. we have seen a couple of accidents in that area so again, just be a little extra careful if your commute takes you across any of those roadways. that is traffic and weather. back to you. new job let claims in the united states are down to a five-year low, new jobless claims. here to chat about it kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks joins us with more. >> reporter: we have some good news on the economy this morning. starting out with a labor department report that first time weekly unemployment claims fell by 37,000 to 335,000. lowest point in five years. four-week average down to 3359,000 meaning there's
6:48 am
more hiring than firing. january is tough to figure out because of temporary holiday jobs that tend to go away at this time but this might indicate that some retailers are holding on to some of those employees a little longer perhaps even permanently. also good news on the housing market which just continues its recovery. commerce department reporting that housing starts in december were up over 900,000, more than 12% increase from the month before. and overall in 2012 up about 28% over the starts that we saw in 2011. prices are also on the increase and we're seeing fewer foreclosures. earnings are starting to roll in for the 4th quarter and ebay posted a nice quarter topping earning expectations thanks to big gains in its paypal unit. revenue came in just at about $4 billion. and ebay shares were up on that report. off to a positive start on wall street. right now the dow is up by 34 points. nasdaq is gaining 10. s&p up by 3. shares in ebay up
6:49 am
nearly 3% this morning. back to you. >> thank you. a bay area woman took it upon her woman to catch a thief. her computer was taken during a break-in at the san francisco art exchange. she bought a program that allows her access no matter where the computer is. then she checked in until she found the computer was on. she turned on the camera and peeked in on the person that had stolen her computer. >> i knew that if someone was sitting there that i would be able to see them. >> she could see what you're seeing so she was obviously confused and she looked it. >> well, the woman using buckner's computer says she bought it at a flea market for $800. she says she learned a lesson about buying something at a price that is too good to be true. she gave it back to buckner without taking any money for it. the mayor of san francisco will announce today food safety records of restaurants around town that will be posted on the website yelp. mayor ed lee will major the
6:50 am
announcement today at the winter conference of mayors in washington, dc. the records will appear on yelp as soon as today. lee hopes the information will be added to other websites that offer restaurant listings including google and trip advisor. the extreme eating awards have named a dish from the cheesecake factory its top winner highlighting the highest number of calories to order while eating out. the bistro shrimp pasta disk at the cheesecake factory is more than 1,000 calories over the intake. 3120 calories. also on the list chili's baby back ribs and ihop's country fried steak and eggs combo. the subway foot long is coming up short for a customer. he posted this photo of his sandwich. according to the tape measure it falls an inch short! the photo has more than 130,000 likes on facebook. subway didn't responsible to the post but it got back to the "huffington post" when they
6:51 am
asked about it in a statement the company saying this was an isolated incidents. >> how many people do you think are going to now measure their sandwiches? >> they will go in with their tape measures. in northern california, walmart employee has reunited two little girls with a book they wrote about the rules of life. the worker found it in the parking lot of a citrus heights store a few days ago so he went public hoping to find out who wrote it. a the authors are 8 and 10 years old respectively, cousins. >> i was writing the worlds. my pen exploded on me. >> here you go. among the best of the 158 rules to live by, don't bite the dentist. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. i think they may get a publishing deal out of this. >> they should. high school basketball player in lake county made one mighty lucky shot. >> the video is going viral. take a look.
6:52 am
>> okay. thal is luck right there, right? the cardinals won the shot. the player threw the ball from the other side of the court last friday night. they won 62-61. >> won by a point with that three-pointer. >> awesome shot. >> yeah. great shot. it is 6:53. coming up, we have a final check of your top stories. >> plus, pumped up for the play- offs. 49ers fans we want to see your pictures. so send them in.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. militants claim 35 hostages have been killed in algeria. at this hour: there's been no welcome back. 6 am 56. checking today's top stories? >> militants claim 35 hostages have been killed in algeria at this hour there's been no confirmation from the u.s. government. a diplomatic source tells cbs
6:56 am
news that algerian forces tried to retake that natural gas complex from terrorists and free the hostages in the sahara but there were multiple deaths of both hostages and kidnappers. three americans were taken by the militants but there are also reports some of them may have been able to escape. since hurricane katrina seven years ago inspectors have found hundreds of levees in danger of failing all across the united states in 37 states. the problems with widespread, decaying pipes, animal holes, land weakening by tree roots all contributing to the issues. local governments are responsible for upgrading unacceptable levees. and notre dame linebacker star manti te'o says he is humiliated because of a hoax. he claimed he met a girlfriend in 2009 after a game at stanford. then last fall he was told she had died of leukemia. now it turns out the woman may have been concocted by a long- time friend as a hoax and that
6:57 am
she never really existed as the person te'o knew. >> that's bizarre. i think more information is going to come out as time goes on. >> strange for three years. >> what's the end game? >> why? >> i don't know. let's talk weather. >> no hoax in the weather. we have some great weather coming up. a little chilly in spots. 27 in santa rosa. 31 and freezing in livermore but 44 degrees in san francisco. hazy sunshine all day long. temperatures up in the 50s even some mid-60s possible today. and the next few days yeah we are going to love that. lots of sunshine dry through the weekend. big time changes though coming toward the middle and end of next week. >> thank you. sounds good. we have black ice reported in parts of the north bay. this is in st. helena. there is an overturn injury crash highway 128 east of silverado trail. closer to oakland, let's go live towards the nimitz. this is north- and southbound 880 approaching 23rd. an accident possibly blocking a lane so slow going not as far back as the oakland coliseum
6:58 am
where it looks okay. and the bay bridge previously this morning still stacked up well into the maze. >> would you guys quit fooling around? [ laughter ] >> they were caught. >> 9ers nation. i like the fact that you're wearing red. >> of course i'm wearing red. >> of course. >> there you go. >> raiders fan. [ laughter ] >> speaking of niner nation, are you ready to represent this weekend? >> yes. we want to see you representing by showing your 49ers pride before sunday's game against atlanta. our question, is your kid a bigger fan this one little one? >> who's got it better nobody! time for you! [screaming ] [ laughter ] >> go 9ers! >> oh, she's the best. she is 4 years old and happen to be anne makovec's niece. she is gorgeous. >> yes. >> so cute. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs
6:59 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday january 17th, 201. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news from north africa as a hostage taking of americans and others ends in blood shed. president obama proposes sweeping new gun laws but will they happen? we'll hear from both sides, nra president david keene and new york mayor michael bloomberg are with us. a notre dame football's inspiring story is all a hoax. we'll go inside this unbelievable tale. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. >> a hostage crisis explodes in algeria. >> about 30 escaped including one american. >> there are some reports of an air strike leaving many dead on the ground. >> as m


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